Yoga at Raleigh City Farm

Sky above, earth below, connection within.


What you can expect from Saturday morning practice on the farm is breath guided movement. The goal of our hour together outside is not workout or fitness based. It is about cultivating a relationship with your breath, your body, the earth, and the community of people that gather.

The sweetness is in discovering how strong you are, and what you are capable of by way of breath rather than by forcing, pushing, or exerting (it’s Saturday, after all!) You can expect to move in a way that is sustainable for your body and your breath – that awakens and enlivens both – and that nourishes the part of you that is tied to the earth and to community. Expect the sounds of a city waking up around you, gentle breeze across your skin, big sky above you and steady earth below you. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll leave feeling like you worked a muscle you didn’t know you had ☺

Join us Saturdays 9-10am August 19-October 7th for the Fall season!


Sidling Scale added to Pay What You Can

Pay What You Can has shifted slightly to incorporate a Sliding Scale price range to ensure that classes are accessible to everyone, that the farm is supported, and that the offering of Saturday morning Yoga can be sustained.

The scale is set at a range of $7-$15 for Saturday Yoga. This means, you can show up on Saturday and offer any amount within that range, paying what you can.

The whole of the practice we do is about sustainability and connection – to ourselves, the land and to each other. Sliding Scale is the best fit for this mission of Saturday Morning Yoga at Raleigh City Farm because it is another layer of sustainability for the whole of our yoga community and the farm. We are holding each other up by offering what feels good and right to us individually. Those that can contribute to the higher end of the scale support those that can make a contribution in the lower part of the range – and together we find balance to keep the Saturday practice going and the farm well taken care of.

If you still find it difficult to meet the sliding scale range, please reach out to us so that we can explore other ways for you to make offerings for yoga!


*New* 5 Class Pack!

For the Saturday morning regulars, new for this season is the option to purchase 5 classes for $60 ($12 a class!) There won’t be any refunds, or extensions, or “roll overs” into the spring season, but if for some reason you cannot finish out your pass, it can be shared or gifted to a friend or fellow yogi!  This option means you won’t have to worry about cash or payment on Saturday mornings, and you have the option of bringing your friend or loved one to yoga as your guest! If desired, additional classes (past these 5) can be purchased as “drop ins.”  *Note: the fall season is 8 weeks (August 19, 2017 – October 7, 2017).

Class packs will be on sale August 14th – 21st and can be purchased online, or in person by check or cash at the kick-off of our Fall Season on Saturday Aug 19th. All checks made Payable to Raleigh City Farm, please!



A good rule to go by is that if the ground is wet, or is forecasted to surely be wet, we are not having class.

We will post on Yoga at Raleigh City Farm Facebook Group as soon as possible, ideally by Friday late afternoon! Please join the group to stay up to date. If a cancellation is made before Saturday morning an email will be sent to our contact list! If Saturday morning is an unexpected washout, or even steady rain, there is no class.

Check social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) if you are unsure, and for last minute updates! But wet conditions, sky or ground = no yoga. The same goes for extreme temperatures (heat advisories or below 60 degrees).

See you on the farm!

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