Yoga at Raleigh City Farm

Sky above, earth below, connection within.


What you can expect from Saturday morning practice on the farm is breath guided movement. The goal of our hour together outside is not workout or fitness based. It is about cultivating a relationship with your breath, your body, the earth, and the community of people that gather.

The sweetness is in discovering how strong you are, and what you are capable of by way of breath rather than by forcing, pushing, or exerting (it’s Saturday, after all!) You can expect to move in a way that is sustainable for your body and your breath – that awakens and enlivens both – and that nourishes the part of you that is tied to the earth and to community. Expect the sounds of a city waking up around you, gentle breeze across your skin, big sky above you and steady earth below you. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll leave feeling like you worked a muscle you didn’t know you had ☺

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A good rule to go by is that if the ground is wet, or is forecasted to surely be wet, we are not having class.

We will post on Yoga at Raleigh City Farm Facebook Group as soon as possible, ideally by Friday late afternoon! Please join the group to stay up to date. If a cancellation is made before Saturday morning an email will be sent to our contact list! If Saturday morning is an unexpected washout, or even steady rain, there is no class.

Check social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) if you are unsure, and for last minute updates! But wet conditions, sky or ground = no yoga. The same goes for extreme temperatures (heat advisories or below 60 degrees).

See you on the farm!



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