Yoga at Raleigh City Farm

Sky above, earth below, connection within.


Yoga at Raleigh City Farm is a way to reconnect to community and yourself. Through a guided practice on the farm space, you will be surrounded by life all around you: greenhouses, field crops, butterflies, birds, and the sound of downtown Raleigh. There is no better place to remember that just as you are moving through life, life is also moving through you.

A portion of the proceeds from each class are given back to the non-profit to further their mission.

2019 Yoga Season Schedule:

April 20, 10-11am
May 11, 10-11am
June 29, 8-9am
July 27, 8-9am
August 24, 8-9am
September 28, 9-10am


Monday evenings:
May 6th through September 16th 
*no class 5/25 or 6/17*
(20 weeks)

Ways to Register for Class:

  • Register and reserve your space in advance via the paypal buttons below (credit card fee is included in price) or via Venmo payment ($15) to Katie: @Katie_Breen. *You do not need a paypal account to use your card below, but you do need a Venmo account for the Venmo option (Venmo is a free app on your phone that connects to your checking/savings/debit card)
  • Just show up the morning of class! There is room for everyone, and no one will be turned away. Cash or check, $15, (made out to Katie Breen Yoga, LLC) will be accepted the day of class.

Be sure to fill out this waiver form if this is your first time at Yoga on the farm!
You can print out a copy and bring to class, or email Katie (/save paper!) with the waiver form attached and a message stating: “This email will act as my signature to the attached waiver form concerning Yoga at Raleigh City Farm with Katie Breen Yoga.”



Reserve in Advance Online:

Yoga at Raleigh City Farm – Saturday morning Class!



If you have reserved a spot but cannot make it to class, please email Katie to inform her. All class cancellations on behalf of the participants made within 24 hours notice will be credited towards a future class on a Saturday or a Monday (participant’s choice!) All cancellations made in less than 24 hours notice or with no notice will not be eligible for a credit. Registrations made in advance are subject to full refunds on a case by case basis. Weather related cancellations will offer participants credit towards a future class in the 2019 season, or a full refund. 




What you Can Expect from Yoga at the Farm:

What you can expect from Saturday morning practice on the farm is breath led movement. The goal of our hour together outside is not workout or fitness based. It is about cultivating a relationship with your breath, your body, the earth, and the community of people that gather.

The sweetness is in discovering how strong you are, and what you are capable of by way of breath rather than by forcing, pushing, or exerting (it’s Saturday, after all!) You can expect to move in a way that is sustainable for your body and your breath – that awakens and enlivens both – and that nourishes the part of you that is tied to the earth and to community. Expect the sounds of a city waking up around you, gentle breeze across your skin, big sky above you and steady earth below you. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll leave feeling like you worked a muscle you didn’t know you had ☺

to learn more:


A good rule to go by is that if the ground is wet, or is forecasted to surely be wet, we are not having class.

We will post on Yoga at Raleigh City Farm Facebook Group as soon as possible, ideally by Friday late afternoon! Please join the group to stay up to date. If a cancellation is made before Saturday morning an email will be sent to our contact list! If Saturday morning is an unexpected washout, or even steady rain, there is no class, and pre-registration participants will be contacted.

Check social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) if you are unsure, and for last minute updates! But wet conditions, sky or ground = no yoga. The same goes for extreme temperatures (heat advisories or below 60 degrees).


  • Please do not bring children under the age of 12 unless you have contacted Katie first with information re: their yoga/some class experience, demeanor, etc.
  • As you may know, parking is in high demand in the Person Street neighborhood. We encourage you to take an eco-friendly approach when navigating to the Farm. If you must drive, consider carpooling. Please refrain from parking in the Person Street Plaza lot since neighboring businesses rely on these spaces for their customers. Street parking is available along Blount, Franklin & Person Streets (note posted parking restrictions). During the weekend, there is overflow parking available along Delway Street (west of the Farm – part of Peace University and only permitted on weekdays).
  • Please bring your own mat, water bottle, and any other props you feel are necessary to your practice (towel, blocks, strap, etc).
  • Please alert Katie if this is your first Yoga class!
  • Please wear sunscreen and/or bug spray if you are sensitive to these things. Class is outdoors. Take care of you!
  • If you or someone you know cannot afford the ticket price of Yoga on the farm, please contact Katie.  There are a limited amount of trade opportunities available for volunteer work on the farm in exchange for yoga classes. 


See you on the farm!


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