“The first time I took a class from Katie it was under a sunrise on a beautiful summer morning. It was a lovely class and I felt whole again afterward. I am a massage therapist so my life is centered around touch. When Katie placed her hands on my shoulders toward the end of the class I knew she had that special touch. Her connection with that moment and me was something I rarely experience in an instructor. I continue to find Katie and take her classes when I can. She is a wonderful yoga instructor, but more than that she is present, kind, safe, and speaks from a place of honest connection to herself and the world around her.”
Melissa – Raleigh, NC

“We brought Katie to our office at Eaton Corporation for our Wellness Week yoga event and she did a fantastic job! We had a wide variety of employees come to the event and she tailored it perfectly for our needs. Katie was a sincere pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend having her come to your office to put on a yoga class… your employees will surely be satisfied, I know ours were!”
Joe – Raleigh, NC

“Katie Breen is a highly motivational yoga instructor. I happened upon Yoga at Raleigh City Farm three years ago and instantly felt it was a great fit. I’ve since followed Katie on two retreats. Katie is knowledgeable, passionate, friendly and inclusive. Whether she has a class of 2 or 20, Katie’s attention to detail is unprecedented. It is because of Katie’s skillful instruction that I found confidence in my personal yoga practice. In our fast paced environment taking time to step away and recharged gives us a unique advantage, this is why I recommend employing Katie for corporate yoga classes.”
Claire – Raleigh, NC

“I’ve had the opportunity to experience Katie’s in-studio classes and felt “at peace” throughout my practice and after I left the studio. I am eager to attend one of her outdoor sessions at Raleigh City Farm! Her knowledge, passion and energy she exhibits for her students, her continued learning and for life is a breath of fresh air. Thank you Katie!”
Heather – Wilmington, NC

“Katie Breen is a phenomenal, passionate yoga instructor. She is my favorite in the Triangle, not only because of her terrific technique, but because of her beautiful soul. Her business acumen is also impressive with her ability to stay engaged with students and businesses via her e-newsletter and the personal care she puts into each class created. Can’t recommend Katie enough. Be sure to take advantage of one of her services. Your life will be better for it.”
Lindsay – USAID

“Knowledgeable, passionate about yoga and life. Brings a high energy, positive outlook, and thoughtful awareness to everything she is a part of.”
Judy – Raleigh, NC

“Katie is a tremendously wonderful teacher! I’ve regularly attended her Saturday morning outdoor yoga class for two years, it is the best possible way to start the weekend. Katie truly embodies the essence of yoga through her practice, philosophy, and teaching. I leave her classes feeling refresh, challenged and enlightened. I also attended a yoga retreat held by Katie in the mountains of Asheville; the focus of the weekend was breath. The weekend was am amazing time of learning, practice, and laughter. I am thankful to have stumbled into Katie’s classes. Her patience and knowledge as a teacher make her beyond compare!”
Kellee – Raleigh, NC

“Katie is such a breath of fresh, authentic air & I have loved all of the classes I’ve taken with her at a variety of venues throughout the Triangle (Triangle Rock Club, Blue Lotus, and – a very favorite – Raleigh City Farm!). Katie’s passionate heart for encouraging her students through every breath, movement, & pose is evident throughout every moment of every class! Whether you’re brand new to yoga or a long-time “yogi”, Katie is sure to breathe life into your practice… and I love it! Thank you, Katie!”
Megan – Chapel Hill, NC

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