By Way of the Heart: a Journey of Self through Yoga

It is my joy to share what I’ve learned so far about Yoga practices in my public and corporate classes, and I hope it will continue to be for my lifetime! Recently, I’m hearing the call to offer something particular for sincere & curious practitioners who crave a deeper understanding and experience of the practice, and who want to take a deeper look at themselves.

Starting in late September 2019, I’m honored to offer a totally new, and divinely inspired mentorship program, By Way of the Heart: a Journey of Self through Yoga.

Everywhere we look there are Yoga teacher training programs. Yes, we need the good  trainings to continue passing the yoga tradition along in honor and integrity. But, I can’t help but admit,

There isn’t much available to those students of Yoga who don’t want to necessarily teach – or to sign up to study HOW to teach just to dive deeper. There are yoga practitioners, and teachers of yoga, who just in essence want to take their practice further:

To learn more about the transitions of yoga.

To see and feel it’s roots.

To just set aside dedicated time for themselves. 

To reflect.

To learn the myriad of tools available to be at their disposal to create a happy, healthy, virtuous life.

To move about their world with ease and a little more awareness.

To drop into their body.

Through this journey, you won’t be “certified” to teach yoga. This intensive study is focused more on creating a framework of self study and integration of a yoga practice by way of coming to know what YOUR yoga truly is by way of the heart, rather than by way of the head.

There are as many types of yoga as people doing yoga! So what is it that you want to dive deeper into? Your asana practice? Yogic Philosophy? A certain text or framework of texts? Subtle body? Home practice? Yoga tools – boundaries, patterning, intention setting? Breath? Meditation? All of the above?

YOU choose how often. YOU choose how much time you need. With my help and guidance, YOU create your plan of study for a period of 3-6 months, that is done totally on your time, at your pace, with your desired specialties in mind.

This may be for you if:
  • You’ve been practicing yoga for a while and you’re interested in how yoga is more than just a physical practice

  • You’d like to create more ease in your life by learning how to take care of yourself

  • You have certain questions/curiosities/interest in building your physical practice

  • You just want to do something good for yourself and have accountability to do it
  • You’ve done a 200hr and want to go deeper and hone your teaching and/or your practice

It is important to me to make this accessible and affordable to anyone who wants to commit to self discovery! All of my trainings I signed up for out of a knowing that I had to take the step. I needed it. I didn’t have a pile of cash sitting around to pay for them, but the money has been there when I listened to the call of something deeper. Payment plans are also a godsend 🙂

Yoga has been my greatest love of my life, and I am forever a student really ready and excited to walk with a few of you as yoga works it’s magic on you, too.

Here’s the breakdown of investment for this mentorship:

(All of these options include a consultation via phone or video call to address your course of study so we can dive right in!)

I want personal asana or breath practice work geared towards my current interest, goals, or physical needs; or just to come for a guided practice where I can turn my brain off! Or, I’m a current yoga teacher looking to refine my teaching.

1.5 hours/2x a month:
3 month course: $655, 6 month course: $975

I want a guided course of study on the topic of my choice. Teach me the things in true teacher/student fashion. Maybe I even want homework, notes, recordings – you name it.

2 hours/1x month with a 30 minute check in, in between sessions (phone or email or video chat):
3 month course: $595, 6 month course: $960

Give me both! I want all the things, and as many tools in my tool box!

3 hours/1x month with a check in in between sessions (phone or email or video chat):
3 month course: $660, 6 month course: $1200

Don’t see an option that fits you? Email me and we’ll tailor one to fit your heart’s desires!

Consultations, inquires and registration are now open. Consultation/mentorship planning calls will begin in September 2019, with sessions beginning October 2019, and both will continue on a rolling basis after that. Availability is based on my schedule, time of year, and amount of interest. I intend to start with a maximum of 3 folks in October and go from there! Sessions will be held in my private yoga space located in Raleigh, NC.

 Reach out with all questions, interest, and to receive the waiver, agreement, and to schedule our initial conversation!


Payment Details:

1/3 of total mentorship amount due at time of registration (non refundable).
Second payment of  1/3 of total amount is due at your half way point in your mentorship.
Last payment of balance is due before your last session.

Cash, check, or venmo is accepted. Cards will be accepted with a 3.5% processing fee that pays the merchant fees.

I’m open to other variations of payment plans to suit each individual’s needs. 

Payment in full grants you a 10% discount

Life happens, and so if something comes up that prohibits you from continuing this mentorship once you’ve registered, I will work with you. 


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