I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the question “So, what are you doing now?”

But it’s that question that has brought me back time and time again to the forever process and practice that is life. And I have found that yoga allows for this dance to even exist.

Having wandered from a small suburb outside of Philadelphia for a short visit in the spring of 2014, I was quickly captivated by the creativity, innovation and inspiration of the community in downtown Raleigh, NC

Among all of the cities and countries I’ve landed in, Raleigh immediately felt familiar, sustainable and loaded with possibility for me and my forever question, “so what are you doing now?” Returning for those summer months with my portable companions: filmmaking, coffee and my final year of college, I skipped around before signing a lease for a downtown studio apartment and converging in agreement with the universe for the City of Oaks to be my growing space, launchpad, and home to answers.

My yoga practice, which had begun with Beth Hummel in 2011 and continued as a source of constance throughout the following years, tapped me on the shoulder in my new pocket of life, offering me a rather large piece to my puzzle. Community was awaiting me at blue lotus where I began as a work trade peep and shortly thereafter, committed to the journey of deeper practice and the study of the teachings and of self evolution, under Jill Sockman and her highly skilled team. There is a place etched with gratitude in my heart for every teacher I’ve encountered along the way and for those I will encounter further down this road!

Having now completed my 200-hour training at blue lotus through their 9 months of transformation program, I have moved onto advanced trainings in the Triangle to continue to grow in my practice, my teaching and the deepening of my understanding and experience of community.

I am forever grateful for the continual process of unfolding, for every teacher, and for each opportunity to answer “what are you doing now?” My answer is brief, but rooted in ample time in the sunshine, good hard laughs, a strong cup of coffee early in the morning, and delivered with the biggest smile I’ve ever worn, “dissolving the barrier between life and the mat…and fearlessly celebrating the truly special gifts life brings: community and connection.”

hugs & winks to the puzzle pieces,


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