Choosing Studentship



I’m headed into my second weekend of Advanced Yoga Teacher training at Heart of Yoga School.

Our first training weekend was only two weeks ago, yet I am already so struck by how further, deeper study only elicits further, deeper change in how I see and experience my world.

It would seem a paradox that the more subtle creates that much more of a shift in things, but it DOES – it’s not paradoxical at all. Even Vedic Astrology -mathematically based – shows us that what is just below the surface (or, above in the Sky), the subtle energies of the planets, are actually huge influences in how we express our energies & strengths. Subtlety is everything.

This last week I’ve had some of the biggest unraveling, truest SEEING I’ve had in years. Really truly seeing how my life is in direct proportion to my habits & choices – deep, subtle samskaras (patterns) I hadn’t realized before, yet they have been shaping my life.
This discovery didn’t come because I’m reading super advanced texts or because I’ve decided to learn how to play the harmonium – it came because I sit down with myself everyday. Because I’m committed to carving out the ME underneath all the ‘stuff.’ Even when there’s SO much stuff I don’t want to look at. Seeing is available to anyone willing to look, and all that we need to deepen the process falls onto our path as we need it.
So as pick up these pieces of myself, take a closer look, and retire their ways, I’m lighter than I’ve been in months. I’m thrilled and excited by the power I have to CHOOSE differently in this new sight. That’s how we create change – by choosing another way. A different way. Careful, compassionate looking and deliberate, focused, warrior-like choosing.

I’m choosing not to hide ME.
I’m choosing to be full of the brightness of life.
I’m choosing to speak up and speak out.
And I’m choosing to trust, that every thing is happening in just exactly perfect time – because it really, truly is.
This weekend, gratitude.🌸

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