The Work, is Working

IMG_2673 (1)

Things are still shifting in these post India weeks. I’m doing what I can to be diligent, and purposeful, and earnest, and genuine. My biggest obstacle right now is in remembering many moments of most days that there needs to be a settling time. Like running a really hard mile and then letting the heart return to its normal pace. That’s how my lived experience feels right now. I’m just now slowing pace.

These last two days I was reminded how much yoga teaches us to listen to what is directly in front of us -and to not ask why. To yield and not to force. To allow. To let life move through with equal or even more measure than my plans for how life should go. To not be sorry, ashamed, embarrassed for this allowing.

This time, I see myself respond differently than I have before. I am honored to yield. I am calm in saying okay. I am okay. I am steady even in fluctuation. What I really feel well up is an expansion of compassion. I credit this all to living these last few weeks with a raw, honest, open heart. Totally exposed, totally transforming, totally climbing towards the light.

The work is working. It’s left me in a knowing. An opening and an allowing. Expressing genuinely. A watching and waiting for what unfolds. Honored to “do” the yoga which is really what we either choose to resist or not to resist all the time.
Open heart, baby. Open as holding it in your hand, outstretched to the world. That’s where it’s at. Do it and watch. ❤

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