What Way?

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Most of the time, the directions in life aren’t so clear. The sign for which way to go isn’t always right in front of our face. Life can get way overwhelming. So much so that instead of being clear and open to encounter good direction, we get clouded and worn out. And then it’s near impossible to see. It takes even more of our energy.

I know so many people right now in a place of letting go of an extra obligation, changing jobs, growing passions, staring at the next chapter, and facing all the day to day “things” of life that, lets be honest, never stop. So where to go? What to do first? How to get there?

I think solace can be found in getting yourself to a place where you can stay outside of the “significantly overwhelmed zone.” By finding an increment of time – be it this breath, this hour, this day, this week – and do your job. Face what is in front of you in life without trying to impose anything on it (opinion, preference, emotion, expectation) but rather try to find an element of enjoyment. Because I bet there is something to be enjoyed in anything that you’re doing. Even if the task at hand that you’re facing in life right now has no enjoyment factor -zero- how about the feeling of accomplishment once it’s done? Is there something even there that you can revel in?

And it’s in these big shift, game-time, busy seasons of life where pause is so key. Stopping. Not to give up, or give in, but to take notice of you – and bring you back into perspective. Life is so much bigger than a set of directions anyway. Things need to get accomplished, yes, and they will. But first know – what is your child’s pose in life? Your go to? What keeps you from spilling over into overwhelmed territory? What brings you back to your aliveness? The mat is a good place to start wrestling with these questions, practicing your game plan, and discovering yourself in the solutions.

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