retreat is not a place to get away to, but a place always available to you, within.

May 1, 2017

It was a beautiful R&R Retreat Weekend! Grateful to have led alongside Katelin Ryan and so very happy to have had such a special group of R&R-ers, beach bums and yogis all in one!


“When the soul remembers itself, regardless of how or when, it spreads like light on stone to fill us with the presences of all life and all time. So wait, especially when you’re worn and tired, wait till you fall open like a small clear bowl destined to collect rain. Wait in the open for your soul to remember that you are its home. Wait for your soul to rain into you.” Mark Nepo

18156602_10212305650052312_6689026179147577158_oMay you know retreat is not a place to get away to, but a place always available to you, within.
May you feel your breath first – everything else follows, in life and on the mat.
May you always hear laughter, know fun, and surround yourselves with things are that grand and beautiful, sparkly and sacred, and precious and delicious. 
And, may you sleep like rocks tonight – hydrated and lathered in aloe.

Love to you, sweet sweet group! Thank you for showing up, and for your smiles all weekend long! 🕉


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