Thanks Heron friend

I came looking for this guy today. He wasn’t in his normal spot. I always wonder what he’s thinking – or not thinking about – in his stillness.
I’ve felt anticipation arise in myself this week- in a whole lot of ways- in all of the catergoires of being a human. And when I can’t get much else done until what’s due to pass, well, passes, I know I’m too saturated in an emotion – my sure signal that I’m operating from a past or future, unreal, framework. And this will always cause resistance because i can’t breathe for a past version of me, or a future one.
When I can pull out just enough and recenter, the emotion is good enough shakti to release itself and move through. It wasn’t until my practice yesterday when I remembered – oh right, I can just let myself be with anticipation. I can hold it as an emotion, knowing it too will pass through and I’m not victim to it. It doesn’t rule my days or covet my relationships or worse even, my internal dialogue.
This too with saddness, expectation, even joy – can we feel the feeling and let it pass through? It’s maybe only when we stop trying to possess it that it moves through us. We can have the felt experience. And release it. Finally. Free it. And be free. Free for the next experience to come through.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 10.07.38 PM


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