Yoga at RCF: Spring Kickoff with The North Face!

March 7, 2017

Friends! Exciting news! The North Face is an added sponsor for Yoga at RCF: Spring Season Kickoff! The North Face actually has a whole brand of yoga & workout gear (in addition to their cold/winter lines) that is making milestones in supporting the local sustainability efforts and the environment through their brand! Check it out!

The pants I’m wearing are made from Volcanic Ash, Coconut Husk, and Coffee Beans! and the shirt… American cotton and recycled plastic bottles…AND (it gets better..) the tag – you can plant in the ground and grow Wildflowers from! Magic. I’m totally geeking out & you should too because….

The North Face will be at the farm on Saturday after yoga, raffling a $50 gift card to their store so you can check out their awesome lines and see how they too are connecting back to sustainability in what they do! A huge thanks them for connecting with and supporting their local farm, Raleigh City Farm! See you Saturday, 3/25!


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