Giving Back To The Community Through Yoga

A group of yoga practitioners gathered Wednesday at Villanova to raise money for charity.

Source: Giving Back To The Community Through Yoga

Wednesday seems UNREAL. But it was so very real. There’s news clip to prove it. But here’s what it all comes down:

1.) I hope you take a moment to check out Profugo and learn about a local organization making strides and setting the precedent for global impact. Please consider contributing even $10 to their annual campaign. That money goes a long way… Imagine your $10 bill flying to Kerala and landing in a family’s Kitchen Garden project. Seed the intention to connect in a small way and you will feel it in your heart. Because we are connected. Profugo taught me that. And this was the whole reason for yesterday.

2.) I hope you uncover something in this life that not only lights a fire under your ass, but sets off the pure light of your heart. I hope it brings a sparkle to your eyes and makes all of you buzz with big YES. And I hope you chase it fiercely. RUN after it. Follow it loyally and joyfully and curiously. Hold it preciously. And every now and then, look around and say thank you. To its force, to those standing around you in support, to you for showing up as you in the world, and to the great Source that has us all held. Always. And honor the moments when you are given larger snapshots of the greatest picture that is your life.

(And forever grateful to Tara for agreeing in an hour’s notice to go on TV with me!)


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