Friendship & Community

December 28, 2016

These last few days of 2016 have taught me more about friendship and community than I ever thought possible.

Today was a gift. A gathering for a purpose. Even maybe, a reunion.

A friend who traveled from New York and back in a day. 
A Raleigh friend.
Two friends who I last saw 3 years ago in Wayanad.
And three new friends. All who faithfully showed up and shined their light. Big time.

We practiced in a circle. The only fitting way with what felt like a hand selected group.
We shed a lot of load and uncovered a whole ton of light. All with breath and intention set to Profugos mission of a global neighborhood for the wellbeing of all.

As if the world was at the center of our ciricling, filling the whole globe with light. 🌎

My heart is full. And I go to sleep tonight one content & happy Yogi rooted in community and the worlds best models of friendship & global impact. 🙏🏻

Sincere gratitude to the fierce support that is Hez Lewis and to Profugo who both stepped up in the biggest ways to make today happen. 

There are a few days remaining for Profugo’s annual campaign! If you can make a small donation please consider supporting these efforts of light and global community!…/…/profugo



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