2017: Do less. There’s Space There

December 30, 2016

So what if for 2017, I didn’t set a resolution? What if I didn’t try & dictate the direction my year is going to take, but rather, cleared as much room within myself for the good, challenging, discovering, experimenting, reveling, stilling beauty of another year to show up? To come to me?

What would happen if I didn’t beckon or summon the “stuff” and the “results” but instead I just made sure it was welcomed? That both routine moments and life’s holiness were both invited to join me?

I think I’d start a sort of revolution within myself, and within my world. Born from spacemaking.

Join me and Christy Percival tomorrow evening at Artspace to journey into 2017 with one less resolution, but instead ready for an interior revolution!
$10 online! http://bit.ly/2hTH97F

6:45-8pm Open NYE Yoga Flow 🕉

8-9pm Meditation and Intention Setting


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