Root Down & Rise Up: A Yoga Event to Benefit Profugo

December 12. 2016

Many of you know this time 3 years ago, I had just returned from Kerela, South India with a small production team from Villanova University. We spent 2 weeks making a documentary highlighting the social, systemic impacts a Philadelphia area non profit, Profugo, is making in the district Wayanad. Profugo is truly fulfilling their mission of creating a global neighborhood for a better quality of life, by empowering community members with the skills and tools needed to live bigger and brighter lives. My time spent in the midst of Profugo’s work is fundamental to who I am today as a person and Profugo is changing more lives than just mine – every day in a big ways. 

Three years later, I have found myself practicing and teaching yoga in Raleigh, NC and one of my main interests and current pursuits is the development of a sustainable society, particularly that which connects us to the land, to each other, and to ourselves. Personally, Profugo’s newest Sustainable Agriculture program is a call to action and supporting their efforts is both my social responsibility & my privilege. In this light, I want to channel a practice of intention to benefit a intention for sustainability and connection.

All the proceeds from this event will contribute to Profugo’s 2016 Annual Campaign to support the new Sustainable Agriculture program. This includes rainwater harvesting, composting, eliminating harmful pesticides, empowering community members with the skills needed in organic farming practice, developing community nurseries, and growing kitchen gardens.

I wish for sustainability in every pocket of the world. I wish for connection here and now. I wish for nothing more than the Philadelphia Mainline area to really & truly gather together, in one space, at the same time, and turn to the practice of yoga in a way that embodies Profugo’s mission of a global neighborhood for a better quality of life. Bring your family, your friends, yourself to your mat and let’s Root down & Rise up, Philly!

To find out more and for details on the event visit:

Please share this with your friends, neighbors and family and of course anyone who may be in the Philadelphia area and able to join us! 



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