September 6, 2016

A constant in my yoga practice for the last 6 years has been a ritual offering, “Let a blessing wash in and through you for being exactly who you are.” Softly spoken from my heart space while laying on my side in post savasana marvel. The palm of my hand rooting me down and my forehead connected to earth source.

Beth Hummel spoke these words once & then always in her teaching. They hit my soul with such sweetness, like a magnet to my hummingbird heart.

This phrase is my daily recommitment to self compassion – for me existing as Kate in the world in all of the forms…. as an utter train wreck, an act of grace, aligned, not aligned, sunbeam or shitstorm. Affectionally, the spectrum. My soul speaks these words each time I rise at the end of practice, whether I want to believe them or not. Whether I want to be the exactly person that I am that day, or not. In spite of all the dandelion wishing that some elements of life were different than they are, this anthem remains a declaration that the state of things are exactly as they are and in a way, perfect. As they should be. 

Most certainly beyond my scope of full understanding. But supreme to holding all answers, I believe in these words, their meaning, and the power that is harnessed in their truth. I offer these words, with my whole heart, to my students to take in whatever capacity serves them.

There is no other identity to subscribe to, or duty to fulfill other than the person that I am, doing the work that I am doing in the world – today. And today I stand in full Tuesday morning glory, doused in the maximum degree of humanness I think I can ask for. But nonetheless, I welcome that same blessing in and through me. and THAT is what is enough.

This is the great bow of gratitude for being exactly who I am. The rest will come.

As I pack myself up for an extended weekend in the philly area, I am grateful to these shining guides for stepping up to allow me to take me away for a few days… to put to practice being me. I’ll see y’all next week: same times, same places, same shining faces.


Thurs 1130am @TRC – Rayneen
Sat 8am @raleighcityfarm – KJ
Sat 10am @TRC – Mercedes
Tues 1130am @TRC -Bee

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