August 25, 2016

Show up. Smile. Breathe fully & deeply. Witness the dance of your heartbeat. Feel. Move in a way that recognizes the great blessing that it is to be alive. Be loud in you stillness, your steadiness, your unique rhythm. Ask for your truth to show itself. Locate your light. Shine with intention. Hold sacredness in your thoughts, your words, your hands & your heart. Let the blessings, the signs, the universe’s love notes pour in. Keep showing up for yourself, first and continuously, & for your world, bigger and brighter each with each beat and with every breath.

See you on your mat for the practice of showing up:
5:30pm, Foundations: TRC NR
8-9am, Pay What You Can: Raleigh City Farm
10-11am, Power Flow: TRC MV
6-7pm, Pay What You Can: blue lotus yoga
11:30-12:30, Power Flow: TRC MV
11:30-12:30, Foundations: TRC MV


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