August 9, 2016

“The sun gives itself for the life of the universe.”
Last night, I watched Rob Bell‘s Everything is Spiritual film. And the quote above has been reverberating between my ears. I’ve concluded that if the sun gives of itself to that extent, the least my being can do is reflect back some of its light by shining into my own dark matter & the dark matter found in my little world.
When I heard Rob & Elizabeth Gilbert speak just two months back Wanderlust Hollywood, both Rob and Liz spoke to this resurfacing theme of allowing. Rob said that “every explanation merely moves the mystery down a layer.” 
Fact: I don’t want to live life as a degraded mystery.
Mystery, enhancement, wonder – I choose for these to be nourished from the self giving light the sun models. Not fed from the dark matter, the old stories, the past habits or the unsaids of life.
Liz, as she spoke about relaxing into the mystery and safeguarding it from logical grids, encouraged the anthem: “there’s something else [besides the tangible] going on here and I want to swim in that.”
I’m recommitting to the flow. Being in it & of it. Swimming in a pattern set by a force of light giving Mystery, which refurbishes the bits of dark into something of use to me & to the world. A recycling which is of beauty and which radiates the brightest and most spacious light & love.
A brilliant love…defined in Rob’s film as the action of “lining yourself up with the fundamental direction of the universe which is to expand and to self transcend and to move beyond itself for the wellbeing of the world around you.” Maybe in all of its light, the sun just knows love, aligns with love and has nailed the rising factor. And thus that ball of fire is so fundamental to our universe. And so very transcendent.
Game on.
Join me in less explaining and more allowing, more flowing, greater rising and in eternal and massive gratitude & love.
Flowing on the mat this week:
– 6:30am Restore Triangle Rock Club – North Raleigh
– 6am Assisting Carrington at Sunrise Yoga: Raleigh Rose Garden
– 2pm Community Yoga (free) Blue Lotus Community
– 8am Pay What You Can Raleigh City Farm
– 10am Power Flow Triangle Rock Club – Morrisville


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