July 9, 2016

I received an emphatic facebook message this Saturday morning informing me, at the chance I wasn’t already aware, that I have made no comments on social media about the recent events in the world regarding black lives – As if I am a public figure due to issue an official proclamation on the state of things. This messaging instigator seemed to find it outlandish that despite my previous efforts, experiences, and conversations within the realm of social justice, I have not joined forces with the picture posting, status making Facebook collective that has formed over the last days and weeks in the midst of the very real and overwhelming number of tragedies. If I am receiving throwback like this for simply choosing not to post anything up until this point, I am surely not alone, and let me clarify that my silence on the social media-sphere most definitely does not denote a lack of opinion.
My friend would like a quote on my stance? My stance is twofold. Life is sacred and precious. It is fleeting and raw. And each moment of every day should be a living testimony to the beauty bestowed to us as a community of caretakers of this earth and most importantly of each other. This life is a shared experience of wonder, growth, transformation, and all encompassing, illuminating strength. To witness it decay in any form, violence or illness, is pure vandalism to the holy living that belongs to each and every one of us as a basic human right and essential privilege of the soul. To see man against man is ineffably saddening. It is troubling. It is confusing and unfair. It is of the highest imbalance with our inherent nature. Evolution cannot go on like this. Killing does not create and the consequences for people being so far off the mark with themselves holds the rest of the collective back from evolving as a human race and as spiritual beings. We are so every connected to each other – It is real, it is in our faces and etched all over our hearts. And every deed that is done by any one member effects us each at our core, regardless and supreme of our multitude of identifications – race, political party, financial background, gender, belief system, education, the list sadly continues. Identifiers are keeping us at war with ourselves and each other. In the recent events, identification is deemed the higher choice over unification moment after moment and all beings everywhere are left with straight up chaos.
There are no words, there are no pictures, there is no justice which I feel is potent enough to post on social media to convey the state of things. There is only one amplifying and contagious combatant that is loud enough to stand next to the shit fest this world is in. My choice of antidote is how I live my days. I choose light. I feed this world with goodness, with freedom, and with the intention that my god it is just a single thread which runs through us all. I stuff my time, my interactions, my experiences, and my relationships with the fiercest brew of love I know. I do not even feel the need to share this as a stance or as my Facebook status because its who I am, it is who we all are if we so choose to be. I only take the time & space to respond to a probing, provoking message because I see it as an opportunity, and a reminder for all of us light bearers to keep living loudly and to keep showing up to the world with all the life we’ve got, because we’ve got it all – this life is not just all we’ve got.
So my quote, sir? My quote is and will continue be my noisy life of light. I hope you too can join me in that intention.

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