June 11, 2016

I’ve been in the graces of my immediate family these past 10 days. Mother. Sister. Brother. We adventured and explored and ate and drank and beached. We also fought and laughed and cried and teased and complained and dreamed and remembered. Time together. Nothing we could have done during this trip could outweigh the currency of time. I spent all I brought.
Today, to be with the sweetness and warmth and all encompassing love of the one on the left & to feel the distinct presence, humor, and conviction of the one on the right, I woke up with the sun, spent 8 hours in a caravan of sorts with my mom at the wheel and siblings in tow and made the trip from MA to PA with as little complaining as possible. 
My reward: To sit and drink port wine with my Gram, watching 70’s game shows from back when Alex Trebek hosted with a full head of hair.
A recharge and a regroup. A pause to eat in her dining hall and be a part of each other’s afternoons if for only a few hours.
To take rest in the infamous recliner, with this photo to my right, as our time drew to a close to the sounds of a PBS feature of Willy Nelson and Johnny Cash in concert. Gratitude in progress. Preciousness present.
My selfless 90 year old grandmother then drove me to the train station, where I’m now bound for the airport… Relieved, filled up, and overly happy to be headed back to NC. Back home.
A glimmering realization though, I just may have been home this entire time❤️✈️


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